“Doctor’s Note”

A “Doctor’s Note” is apparently is the magic wand that opens all doors:  time off work, motorized scooters, etc… 

Please help us help you by providing details at your office visit:

Motorized scooter, lift chair, etc…

  • If you want Medicare or other insurance to cover the cost, there’s paperwork!
  • Visit Monroe Wheelchair, Fonte Surgical, Southside Apothecary or other vender and choose the item you want.
  • Contact your insurance company about coverage, and the exact wording/format that must be used on “the note.”
  • Complete all paperwork, bring it to your appointment for my signature (if appropriate).

Equipment recommended by a physical therapist, or other practitioner

  • If your therapist recommends a TENS unit, electrical stimulator, or other device, there’s paperwork!
  • The therapist/equipment rep will:
    • provide the exact wording/format that must be used on “the letter of medical necessity”
    • specify the device, instructions for use, name of the vendor, and any other details needed by the insurance company.
  • Therapist/equipment rep faxes the details to our office for my signature (if appropriate): 585-730-6926

Time Off From Work

  • Details about Time Off/Disability here.
  • General Guidelines:
    • Every patient is different; healing takes time. Gradually increase activity as you heal; use your symptoms as a guide.
    • Talk with your employer. Can you return to light duty or reduced hours? If no light duty available, you will stay out of work/play until ready to return safely
    • Drive when you are confident about controlling your car. DON’T drive if you can’t safely manage the wheel and pedals.
    • Be ready to tell us what you need.

Light Duty Examples:

  • Seated work with limited use of injured part
  • No repetitive use or No overhead work
  • Limited lifting/carrying_______pounds
  • Limited standing/walking, No climbing/squatting
  • Allow preferred parking
  • Limit hours: ____________ or No overtime
  • Allow use of elevator
  • No contact sports
  • Gym membership on hold

Typical Postop Healing Time: To help you plan for time off after surgery