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Patients: Registered patients can access our secure Patient Portal to send messages and view information about their appointments. Please use our website to learn more about your appointment and the policies of our practice.  Information about your diagnosis and treatment options reinforces our discussion at your office visit, so you know what to expect.

Clinicians: We want you and your patients to have helpful information that supports their course of treatment. Check out the sections for primary care doctors and PT/OTs.  It’s also designed to help my colleagues at urgent care centers, other orthopaedists, neurologists, rheumatologists, etc…  We use eClinicalWorks P2P to communicate securely with other practices. 

Employers: As a small business, we understand the need for prompt attention that keeps your employees productive and on the job.  Please use our website as a resource for information regarding referrals, worker’s comp and time out of work for your employees.

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